About Us

We are a fully vegan and eco-friendly company selling the tastiest sweets on the market! We are based in Liverpool and offer free delivery for anybody in the Liverpool area as well as full UK wide delivery! Look out for Mooie's Sweets in your local vegan retailer too as we are stocking now in the North West!

Mooie's all started when co-founders, Meta and Louie, a vegan couple from Liverpool, found that most sweets available in supermarkets were packaged in none-recyclable material and used single use plastic. They were also disheartened to see the amount of gelatine found in so many of their once favourite sweets. With a passion for all things sweet, sustainable and vegan, Mooie's Sweets was born! Mooie's Sweets aims to fill the gap in the market for new and classic pick and mix favourites which are totally animal and plastic free. 

Here at Mooie’s we are committed to working towards saving our beautiful planet. We believe that every purchase you make is a reflection of what kind of world you want to live in. Together let's change the way we buy and eat sweets!

Our mascot Mooie is always happy. Mooie knows that none of our products contain any gelatine, dairy, eggs or animal products of any kind. This means less time spent reading through boring labels and more time eating delicious sweets!

Mooie is extra happy knowing all of our packaging is fully recyclable (including all gift wrapping too)! Although our bags may look plastic, they are far from it! They are made from cellulose film which is a naturally biodegradable and fully compostable plant-based substance.This means you can enjoy our yummy pick and mix sweeties completely guilt free, knowing you have left no trace on our beautiful planet. How sweet is that?!

No Plastic or Cruelty... Ever! It's Mooie's Promise.